What's Our Company's Incentive

Glad you asked.

  • For more than 30 years, we’ve owned and operated a number of specialty retail shops that provide distinctive corporate gifts to businesses of every size.

    We understood diverse needs, created unique solutions and always surpassed expectations. So when our ever-growing roster of clients began asking us to tailor unique incentive programs for them, we realized that our instinct for generating loyalty and stimulating sales went far beyond what in-house teams could accomplish. More importantly, we were able to demonstrate the benefits of incentive marketing to new clients with simplicity, context and clear results.

  • Today, we are a premier provider of programs to all types of companies who want the kinds of custom-made packages, competitive pricing and hands-on customer service that drive revenue and performance.

    Our three-decade background in wholesale means strong associations with major international brands. And our first-class reputation in retail enables us to offer promotions and distribution
    services in the U.S. and E.U., too.

Hedy’s is committed to designing and delivering marketing platforms that will grow your business like never before. And that’s the best incentive there is.